The Good and Bad Toy

Are you a toy in your child’s life?  If you come home and your child expects to receive a toy rather than a hug or a greeting, then some parenting soul-searching is in order.  I remember when I was 4 years old and our dalmatian would run to the gate expecting her master’s return with the … Continue reading

The Triumphant Parent

The triumphant parent takes all the licks with patience, love, and determination.  Life’s challenges arise and fall, and the triumphant parent maneuvers through the thick and thin of it. We need to reflect ourselves and communicate with our spouses or husbands as we grow with our children.  Just because you are older by a meaningless … Continue reading

Greetings, Bienvenidos, 大家好!!

Welcome all parents teaching their kids and sharing their lives with their families.  Parenting is a never-ending joy that everyone has in them.  Even if we are not married, or have children, the world is open to parenting experiences through life experiences.  Allofuskids are just that.